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Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 01:29 pm
Incompatible with beer..

What a live ... Beer in me wanting to get out but ut doesnt know the drill ... yet

Long time no update's due to lazyness , battlefield 1942 and getting up at 5:45 everyday :(

It seems that Terje Bakken died by undercooling , he went out for a walk but the weather suddenly changed to fucked up below zero :( poor man
In Memoriam

Mick died of a heartattack .. we think it's by the lifestyle he lived .
In Memoriam

It almost look's like im the bringer of really bad news (kill me)

Everything is changing around me and having troubles with it .. bigtimes

Pfft gonna need somerest and some ..... :) LOL :)

Now ... Gaming , Girlfriend and I dont know

Stikk og heng deg